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Bulky Waste Skip Bins

Are you struggling with bulky waste disposal? Has bulky waste become a hurdle in your home cleanup or renovation project? Are you in a fix about disposing of old furniture, large appliances, or discarded plumbing fixtures?

Our comprehensive skip bin hire service is your one-stop solution to all bulky waste challenges. We offer a range of robust, spacious bins that are perfectly equipped to handle all your bulky waste disposal needs. Not only do we deliver the skip bin to your doorstep, but we also ensure timely pick-up and responsible disposal of your bulky waste.

Imagine the relief of watching your cumbersome bulky waste disappear from your property without any hassle. That’s exactly what you experience with Tiny Tins. Our bins come in various sizes and can handle different waste types to accommodate your needs, ensuring your home or construction site is free from clutter and safely disposed of.

Bulky Waste

Types of Bulky Waste



In the realm of bulky waste, furniture holds a prominent position. Pieces like couches, recliners, and tables that once served as essential components of our living spaces, often become challenging to dispose of once their life cycle concludes and fit within the category of bulky waste. These items need specialised treatment, whether through refurbishment, recycling, or environmentally responsible disposal, ensuring they don’t end up clogging our landfills or cluttering our neighbourhoods.



Appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and TVs represent another significant category of bulky waste. These items are typically robust and heavy, rendering them unsuitable for standard waste disposal methods. Furthermore, these appliances are composed of a variety of materials including metals, glass, and plastics, some of which can be hazardous if not disposed of correctly.

Plumbing fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, constitute an important segment of bulky waste. These items, due to their large size, weight, and specific material composition, are unsuitable for regular waste collection services. Their disposal requires careful consideration as they’re often made from materials like porcelain, metal, and glass, which if not properly disposed of, can cause environmental concerns.

Weeds pulled from garden

Green Waste

Large branches, logs, tree trunks, plants, and large shrubs, there are various green waste items that fall within the category of bulky waste. Through composting, green waste can be transformed into nutrient-rich soil conditioners, playing a vital role in maintaining the health of our gardens and minimising landfill usage. Thus, while green waste is bulky, it’s also an invaluable resource for enriching our environment in a circular fashion.

Benefits of Hiring Our Skip Bins for Bulky Waste

Let us help you deal with your bulky waste problem efficiently and responsibly. Our services provide a sustainable solution, contributing towards a circular economy and eco-friendly waste management practices. Act now to secure your space and cleanliness by hiring our high-capacity skip bins.

  1. Hassle-free service – We deliver and collect the skip bins according to your schedule.
  2. Various sizes available – From small to extra-large, we have bins that suit your exact needs.
  3. Eco-friendly waste disposal – We adhere to strict waste management guidelines, ensuring your waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  4. Competitive pricing – Our transparent pricing model provides you with the best value for your money.

Don’t let bulky waste become an obstacle in your project. Let our skip bin hire service take care of your bulky waste, giving you peace of mind and a cleaner, safer environment. Contact us now to book your skip bin!

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