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Skip Bin Waste Guide

With our easy to read waste guide Tiny Tins makes it easier for you to work out what type of waste you are disposing of.

General Waste (Light)

  • Household waste (Clothing, Toys, Cardboard etc), Furniture & Appliances (Cupboards, fridges, washing machines, lounges etc), Light Greenwaste (brances, clippings, leaves etc), Light Commerical Waste (Office Furniture, Stationary etc)

  • Building Materials (timber, gyprock, metal etc), Masonry (bricks, tiles, concrete etc) , General Solid Waste (soil, clay, sand etc), tree trunks, roots, turf, Synthetic Grass, Hazardous Materials, Liquid Waste, Asbestos, Putrescibles.

Green Waste

  • Strictly Light Green waste (shrubs, grass clippings, twigs, branches, leaves, palm fronds, woodchip, bark etc), Tree trunks smaller than 150mm in diameter and under 500mm long, Untreated Timber.

  • General waste, Building Materials (timber, gyprock, metal etc), Masonry (bricks, tiles, concrete etc) , General Solid Waste (soil, clay, sand etc), tree trunks, roots, turf, Synthetic Grass, Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Putrescibles.

Mixed Heavy Waste

  • Sand, Soil, Clay or dirt, Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Putrescibles

Masonry (Hardfill)

  • Strictly Bricks, Concrete, Tiles, Cement, Pavers, Rock.
  • General Waste, Green Waste, Building Materials, Sand, Soil, Clay or Dirt, Hazardous Materials, Asbestos or Putrescibles.

Do’s and Dont’s

When getting a quote or ordering a skip bin via our hiring process it pays to check what can & can’t be placed in the bin. We’ve taken the time to provide some guidance below.

  • Do Check Overhead Clearance

All skip bin companies require a specific amount of overhead clearance. When considering your bin placement, think about the delivery truck, not just the skip bin. The spot you choose should have no tree branches, eaves or utility lines that could interfere with the truck or the bin.

  • Do Give the Delivery Truck Clear Access

The delivery truck must be able to drive to your chosen location and back out without trouble. Ensure all roads & driveways we need to navigate meet all width and capacity requirements for the truck. These requirements may differ from company to company. Additionally, check with us before requesting that you need to lift your bin over a fence or place the bin in your backyard.

  • Do Place the Bin on Your Own Property

In most cases, the only way to avoid needing a council permit for your skip bin is to place the receptacle on your own property. Keep in mind that your homeowner’s association or neighbourhood may have specific skip bin regulations you must also adhere to.

  • Don’t Block the Street

Even if you have a council permit to place a skip bin on the street, you cannot put the bin where it would impede traffic. Most areas require that you leave at least three metres of clear pavement for drivers. Check with your local council to ensure you comply with placement regulations.

  • Don’t Infringe on Your Neighbours’ Property

Be courteous of your neighbours and use common sense when placing your skip bin. Do not place the bin where it would interfere with your neighbour’s daily life. If you live in a cul-de-sac, you will likely need to obtain permission from all home owners in your location before placing a skip bin there.

  • Don’t Interfere With Utilities

Skip bins, especially larger models, can easily interfere with utility lines and drains. Ensure that your bin does not block water drainage points, especially if your project takes place during a rainy time of year. Also, consider whether your skip bin placement could prevent authorities from accessing utility lines and poles.

  • Don’t Move the Bin Yourself

Once your bin is delivered, it should stay in that location until the next collection. If you have issues with the current spot and have an ongoing agreement, ask us to move the bin after the collection. Do not attempt to move the bin yourself. Not only could you cause property damage to your home or vehicle, but you could also physically endanger yourself, other members of your household or your neighbours.

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