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Benefits of hiring a skip bin for your construction site

“Building materials account for about half of all materials used and about half the solid waste generated worldwide.” – Department of the Environment & Energy.

There are many benefits of hiring a skip bin for your construction site. Firstly, you need to find a reliable skip bin provider. This is the most crucial step when you are arranging removal of the waste generated by your construction site, as without using a company that you can rely on, you could be setting up your construction process for delays. A reliable supplier will be able to dispose of your waste lawfully and be able to supply supported weighbridge documentation from the facility it has been take to, whether it is a tip or a recycling centre. Waste must be disposed of correctly as both the owner of the waste and the transporter are legally responsible for proving the waste was transported to a lawful place. Both parties can be fined if they do not follow these guidelines.

Another great benefit of having one or more skip bins onsite is that by sorting & separating your recyclable & non-recyclable waste into the correct bins, you can reduce the overall costs and also your carbon footprint effects on earth.

Lastly, hiring a skip bin is a perfect way to keep your construction site clean as it will allow for waste to be disposed of immediately, rather than sitting in piles that need to be cleaned up later.

By hiring a skip bin you are reducing your overall costs of your construction. You won’t have to pay wages and truck hire for an employee to load a truck with your waste and take it to a recycling centre, where there could also be additional waiting times. All of these costs are covered by your skip bin provider.

Another advantage of hiring a skip bin is for the safety aspect. By disposing of your rubbish correctly and efficiently (bin hire usually covers up to 7 days hire, sometimes with faster changeovers), there will be no rubbish laying around as a trip or fire hazard. Ensure that all your workers onsite understand that all waste needs to be placed into their specific bins. If they understand the importance of these safety precautions, then this will help alleviate some of the unnecessary costs involved if anything unfortunate was to happen.

Tiny Tins Skip Bins can cater for all construction sites & all waste types and our hiring process is simple. Look no further as we have just the right bin for your job!

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