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What are TT Bags?

TT Bags are durable disposable rubbish bags that are designed to be filled with various waste types also known as builders bags, garden bags, jumbo bags etc. They are currently only available in one size 90cmx90cmx90cm approximately equivalent to 1m3 and can be purchased online or over the phone by calling us on 0409 001 096. TT Bags are a great solution where access or room is at a premium. They are a cost effective alternative to the skip bin as they are light weight, easily stored until needed and will not damage or mark driveways. Our skip bags are a convenient and pressure free option as there is no time limit with us and do not incur rental or hire fees.  Simply wait until full and then contact us to collect if you should require. It is really that easy. Ideal for tradesmen or for emergency service after hours, on weekends & public holidays 

What type of waste can i place in my TT Bag?

Household: Home, Garage, Yard, Deceased Estate, Commerical Clean up e.g. Clothes, Toys, Furniture, White Goods, Electrical Goods, Paper, Cardboard, stationary etc.

Green waste: Shrubs, Grass Clippings, Twigs, Branches, leaves, palm fronds, wood chip, bark, tree trunks, untreated timber

Commercial, Demolition, Construction, Renovation waste: Timber, Metal, Gyprock, offcuts, carpet etc.

Clean Waste: Concrete, Bricks, Pebbles, Rocks, Standstone, Mortar, Roof & Floor Tiles, Rubble *ONLY FILL HEAVY MATERIAL TO THE 20CM line of the skip bag*

Landscaping/Excavation/Clean fill waste: Soil, Dirt, Rock & Clay *ONLY FILL HEAVY MATERIAL TO THE 20CM line of the skip bag*

Waste from Parties/Sporting Events/Events etc. 

What type of waste can’t i place in my TT Bag?

Asbestos, Liquid Waste, Liquid Paint, Wet Paint Tins, Mattresses, Tyres, Poisons, Toxic Waste, Chemicals, Medical Waste, Hazardous Waste & food waste unless prior arrangements have been made including the payment of additional charges if applicable. 

Can i get a TT Bag to contain putresicble food waste for my party or sporting event etc?

Yes we are able to arrange this for you however collection of this type of waste may incur additional charges where applicable. 

How much does a skip bag cost?

The cost of an actual bag is $21.95 if located in the Illawarra Region or $25.95 if located outside of the Illawarra Region however this does not include the cost of the pickup of the bag if required which is paid for separately before collection of the bag - Please call us directly to get an accurate quote for collection. 

What is the maximum load on a TT Bag?

We currently only stock one size 90cmx90cmx90cm (1m3) and the safe working load is 1000KGS however if you require collection by TT Bags the maximum load on this is 200KGS . TT Bags may refuse to collect any Skip Bag that is overweight or additional tipping charges may apply. Please ensure you fill as per our specialist instructions. 

Are the bags reusable?

No our skip bins are designed for a one time use only. 

How can i organise collection of my TT Bag?

TT Bags are able to collect from anywhere within the Illawarra region, Please call us on 0409 001 096 to organise collection. Generally your skip bag will be collected within 3 working days. Tiny Tins may refuse to pick up any Skip Bag that is not placed correctly or comply with our terms & Conditions.

Where should i place my Skip Bag for collection?

Your TT Bag must be placed in a position which is easily accessible for collection by truck either on the nature strip or driveway and it must be placed on your property to comply with local council regulations. Our removal truck requires a 2.5 metre access driveway. Your TT Bag must be placed clear of any obstructions including tree branches, electric cables and building overhangs. 

Can i dispose of the skip bag myself rather than arranging a collection?

Yes, We have found that many of our customers buy a Skip bag from us but dispose of it themselves, rather than using our collection services.

Do TT Bags Recycle?

Your waste along with the bag will be divided for recycling where reasonable. 

Safety Note: 

Your TT Bag is not designed to be moved. Please ensure you fill your skip bag where you intend it to be picked up from to avoid damaging structure which may lead to injury. TT Bags cannot collect your skip bag if the following occurs: Is damaged, not loaded correctly or positioned properly.