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Mixed Building Waste

At Tiny Tins, we understand the importance of time in the construction industry. We know that every second counts and that a clean, efficient worksite is key to keeping your project on track. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Mixed Building Waste solution for managing your waste disposal needs.

Mixed building waste is a broad term that encompasses a variety of waste materials generated at construction sites. This can include:

  • Mixed concrete and bricks
  • Tiles
  • Timber
  • Gyprock
  • Plastics and metals

Please note that certain materials like food, liquids, paints, and chemicals are not permitted in our skip bins.

Mixed Building Waste

Types of Mixed Building Waste


Concrete and Bricks

Concrete and bricks waste refers to the leftover materials, including broken concrete, unused bricks, and rubble, from construction, demolition, or renovation projects. These durable and non-biodegradable materials require proper disposal and recycling to prevent environmental harm.



Tiles waste typically originates from renovation or construction projects, particularly during bathroom or kitchen remodels. This waste category includes broken, unused, or old ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone tiles. Proper disposal of tiles waste is essential due to its non-biodegradable nature.



Timber waste is commonly produced during construction, renovation, or demolition projects and includes discarded wood, plywood, chipboard, or other wood-based materials. Proper disposal and recycling of timber waste are crucial to reduce landfill and promote sustainability.



Gyprock, also known as drywall or plasterboard, is a common waste material from construction and renovation projects. It consists of gypsum panels used in building interiors. Disposing of Gyprock responsibly is important due to its non-biodegradable nature. Tiny Tins offers dedicated services for Gyprock waste, ensuring it is properly disposed of and, where feasible, recycled into new construction materials.


Plastics and Metals

Plastics and metals waste can come from a variety of sources, including construction, renovation, and general waste. These materials can be harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of and recycled. Tiny Tins provides specialized services for plastics and metals waste, ensuring these materials are responsibly managed and, where possible, recycled into new products, reducing the demand for virgin materials and conserving natural resources.

Why Choose Tiny Tins?

  • Experienced and Reliable: We’re a leading skip bin hire company with a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service.
  • Convenient Delivery and Pick-up: We offer flexible delivery and pick-up services to make the process easy and convenient for our clients.
  • Wide Range of Bin Sizes: From small 2m3 bins to large 10m3 bins, we have the right size for all types of waste.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We’re committed to recycling and reducing landfill waste. We aim to recycle or reuse 90% or more of the waste we collect.

Choose Tiny Tins for your mixed building waste needs. We’re here to help keep your worksite clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a bin delivery.

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