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How to effectively minimise office waste

Although an office space and environment may seem like a relatively clean area, there are various types of waste that can accumulate in different parts of the office, causing unnecessary clutter and mess. To minimise the risk of this happening start with establishing small ways to manage your waste by introducing paper-saving strategies.

Using electronic copies of documents such as important information, policies and emails reduces the amount of paper being wasted, minimising the strain on the environment to produce and dispose of the unwanted papers when they accumulate. Think before you print or post! While most office paper can be recycled it is important to ask yourself, do I really need to print this document? Email is a great way to reduce the amount of waste in your workplace.

If you find your office is accumulating with waste or rubbish, unwanted items and is due for an annual clean out, you may want to consider hiring a skip bin for the most effective waste management. Skips bin range from all sizes, depending on your amount of waste and size of office you may need a 2m3 skip bin or a 12m3 skip bin.

Incorporate a reduce, reuse, recycle system – one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure! Reducing the amount of paper you are printing, reusing the packages from parcels that arrive and recycling all the unwanted leftovers. Even incorporate a plastic bottle/can station, where each month the bottles are taking in and the money is used for an office BBQ!!

These are some of the most effect ways to reduce waste that is accumulating in your business or office space. If your company or workplace would like to enquire about skip bin hire, head to our website for all of the information you will need on skip bin hire. We have an extensive range of bins offering our customers competitive prices.

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