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How to avoid excessive tip fees

Here is a few handy hints to help keep costs down when sorting out your waste.

1. Make sure you have enough rubbish to fill the skip!

Here at Tiny Tins Skip Bins, we offer a 2m3 skip bin as the smallest bin hire. This is a good size if you are cleaning out your garage, doing some small home renovations (small bathroom) or completing a landscaping project around your home.

It is important to measure your rubbish accurately to ensure you are booking the correct size skip bin. This will allow you to weigh up the cost versus the volume of waste you need to dispose of. Depending on the type of waste we may have a weight included in the skip bin hire price so make note of that as well!

To save of space, start filling the skip with the bulkier items first, filling around them with the smaller rubbish to minimise the presence of air pockets. You can also utilise the space by filling empty items with smaller rubbish for effective waste removal.

2. Book Early

Here at Tiny Tins we allow our customers to book for next day delivery as well as 2-3 weeks in advance. Our customers will be assured that their required skip bin size and waste type is available when needed. If you require same day delivery, please call our customer service team and we will endeavour to provide you with your skip bin when needed!

3. Check the best size for you.

Do you need the smallest size or do you need a larger skip bin? Here at Tiny Tins we can provide a wide range of skip bin sizes. We hire out our skip bins based on cubic metres, as a guide each cubic metre is equivalent to a standard 4×6 box trailer load or approximately 4 x standard red top council wheelie bins. If you are unsure of what size you might need please use our handy bin size calculator located on our website.

Interested in a Tiny Tins skip bin? Please fill in the form located on our website to find out more about our skip bin hire services or to organise a free no obligation quote. One of our friendly Tiny Tins staff will be in contact within 48 hours.

4. Determine duration of skip hire in advance.

Plan your waste removal properly so you know how much time you need your skip bin for. Standard hire is generally 7 days. However, if you do need the skip for longer or picked up earlier we are quite flexible.

How to avoid excessive tip fees