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Effective Hotel Waste Management

The hotel industry is one of the largest business niches that creates the most waste around the world. The day to day operations of your hotel is where you will be able to most effectively manage how much waste your business is producing. You can change small things to avoid creating even more waste.

Using tableware to serve meals instead of disposable plates, setting up reuseable water filters of every floor instead of selling bottles water, avoiding paper products outside of toilet paper in bathrooms and using LED light bulbs instead of regular. These are all simple but effective ways to minimise your businesses waste footprint.

Hiring temporary assistance for sorting waste disposal such as multiple skip bins is a great idea. Each skip bin can be dedicated to a specific waste, making it more environmentally friendly and effective to recycle the waste. Investing in a food compost is a great idea for a hotel as food waste is the largest stream of waste within a hotel.

Classification of waste is one of the most important steps when managing waste. Minimising waste footprint consists of principles which are focused on reduce, reuse and recycle. Each step and procedure should be learnt by all employees to ensure waste management is in full effect.

Hotel Waste Management NSW