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At Tiny Tin's we love to educate the local community about the environment, we offer a free pre-school visit about the importance of recycling. We do this in an interactive way that teaches the kids simply how they can help to recycle.


At the start we have a short child friendly based discussion about why we sort our rubbish and how the children can reduce, reuse and recycle. We then take the children on an adventure through story time using our Tiny Tin's childrens book "BIN IT" where we follow Rusty Rubbish the skip truck on his recycling journey. Rusty and Barney Bin It will take you along for the ride. They will get to see them deliver and collect a skip bin from a house and what happens next at the recycling yard. We follow this with a game of sorting rubbish into the correct bins where each child takes a turn.

 The talks duration is roughly 30 minutes and our book will be available for purchase for only $8.00 per book.

BIN IT - The Book!

  • What is this book about? 

    Come and follow rusty rubbish the skip truck on his recycling journey. Rusty and Barney Bin-It will take you along for the whole ride. See them deliver and collect a skip bin from a house and what happens next at the recycling yard.

    Why was it created?

    We originally created this children's book "Bin It" for our two young children to explain to them about what daddy does at work and encourage them to recycle. We under estimated how popular this book would be and initially ordered only a few copies for us and for family. After all the good feedback and multiple orders for our next shipment our intentions are now to get it out there within the community, educate children and hopefully raise a little bit of money for Camp Quality with the profits made. 

    How can i purchase a copy?

    To order a copy of our children's book "BIN IT" please follow the below link to purchase securely using Paypal.